About eco print

In 2007, ever conscious of the patter of carbon footprints, we set up Eco Print to do our bit for the environment. We’d been eco-friendly at home for years, diligently recycling, switching off lights and taking pride in our compost heaps, so it seemed silly to stop caring for the planet just because we had to go to work.

The brain behind this initiative is Graham Addison (of Addison Design Ltd) – a graphic designer for 40+ years.

“I wanted to offer my clients a greener printing alternative, but no one was providing it, so I thought maybe I should. I believe that fabulous results can be achieved without trashing the planet… Or costing you an arm and a leg.”

So they don’t!!

We want to dispel the myth that being green is all about compromise.

It’s not!!

We specialise in short and medium print runs with a big emphasis on brilliant results and being good to the planet. Place an order with us and you’ll get sustainability, recycled paper, energy efficient low temperature digital imaging, chemical free platemaking, vegetable litho ink, carbon neutral delivery, ethical banking and all sorts of eco accessories like corn starch display bags, corn starch window envelopes, recycled labels, bio media cassette banners and display graphics.

We don’t believe in unnecessary chemicals with unfriendly side effects: we do believe in ethical business practice and sticking to an environmental policy that makes sense.

If you don’t need a lot of printing done or you’re feeling a bit budget conscious, a short print run is the way forwards. We love them because:

  • There are no set up costs.
  • It reduces waste paper.
  • Our customers don’t waste money buying more just to keep costs down.

Just give us a call on 07867 524 923 or email us at printing@ecoprintuk.com