Eco Policy

What does ‘being green’ actually mean for our business?

The digital printer

Yes, it’s energy efficient – it operates at lower temperatures – but our digital printer will also be recycled at the end of its life. In the interim, we’ll be sending back used toner cartridges, image drums and fusers for the same treatment. That means minimal waste to landfills and maximum re-use of materials.

Digital printer inks

We can’t call our digital inks organic – we’re not allowed to – but they’re as close as we can get to it, being derived from organic rather than chemical polymers. However, we’re always on the lookout for something better. As soon as we find it, we’ll let you know.

The litho printer

For larger orders we use our litho printer. It has a chemical-free plate-making process and uses biodegradable inks made from vegetable oil.

The Paper

We only use paper and card made from 100% recycled post consumer waste or those recommended by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – if it’s not sustainable we don’t use it. However, we specialise in quality stock so there’s no compromise for going green.

Carbon Neutral delivery

All our courier deliveries are Carbon Neutral. Unfortunately we are not able to process Carbon Neutral International deliveries at this time so we have made the decision to just deal within the UK until we are able to do so.

Corn starch window envelopes and display bags

Not only is our paper and printing eco-friendly but accessories like our 100% recycled envelopes which have corn starch windows and our clear corn starch display bags are all 100% biodegradable unlike their more common plastic equivalents.